Aqua Purepro Water Purification System provides the best solution for Commercial Ro System. Aqua Purepro Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant capacity ranges from 150 GPD, 200 GPD, 300 GPD, & 400 GPD. Aqua Purepro Water System is state-of-the-art, dependable, effective drinking water purification system in UAE which uses semipermeable membrane made in USA and sediment pre filters to eliminate rust, coarse particles, molecules, bacteria, salt, organic chemicals and chlorine from drinking water. Aqua Purepro commercial Water systems are widely used in Dubai UAE market, Restaurants, Cafes, Sabeels, Schools, Labs, Offices, Laboratories, Hospitals, Labor Accommodations, Sports Clubs and many other business sectors to cater the water needs of more then 40 to 60 persons.

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