Whole Industry Water Softener

Aqua PurePro Industrial Water Softener


Aqua PurePro Simplex Industrial Water Softener with Clack Control Valve is the centralized water softening system that performs water softening for industrial equipment that is not constant 24 hours a day. It prevents the formation and growth of scale, thereby extending the life of industrial equipment. Aqua PurePro Industrial water softeners prepare your water for industrial use by using resin to remove hardness from the water. The resin replaces the hardness in the water with salt (brine), which is periodically regenerated. This process is called ion exchange and it removes aggressive manganese, iron, calcium and magnesium ions from your feed water. With softening you will: Use less detergent Reduce hard water build-up Save on repairs from unnecessary wear and tear on industrial equipment run your business more efficiently. From complex manufacturing to washing clothes

Operation & Maintenance

Is extremely easy, after the initial setup, the system is almost self-sufficient. The automatic head backwashes and removes trapped contaminants automatically, while the manual head does this manually with a lever. Replace the media about every three years. 


All these problems can be efficiently eliminated by installing an automatic water softener. They use the ion exchange process, which replaces the calcium with the more soluble sodium. This is all done automatically with a timer that allows the water softener resin bed to be backwashed and regenerated with a brine solution when needed.


  1. Available water flow is between 14 GPM Up to 305 GPM (gallons per minute)
  2. FRP Vessel Size Available: 13×54, 1665, 2160, 24×69, 30×72, 36×73, 42×78, 63×103
  3. Clack Control Valve 1” up to 3”
  4. Brine Tank : 100, 150, 200, up to 500 Litters
  5. All custom made models have four distinct cycles of operations:
  6. Backwash – hydraulic cleaning; up-flow
  7. Slow rinse – displaces residual brine; down-flow
  8. Brine refill – restores resin to sodium form; down-flow
  9. Fast rinse – prepares softening resin for service cycle; down-flow

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