Aqua PureProHigh Pressure Shower Head Vitamin C


Aqua PurePro High Pressure Shower Head Vitamin C Ionic Handheld Shower Filter with Hose Chlorine Fluoride Removal Hard Water Softener Shower head Filters System Set( Silver, Transparent)

Aqua Purepro shower water filters use MK-808 media to remove chlorine, rust, and many nasty odors, and other contaminants from your shower water. MK-808 is a granular medium that permits fluids to flow without excessive back pressure or reduction in water pressure. Unlike most water filtration technologies, including activated carbon filters, MK-808 filters work well in warm or hot water.

  • Vitamin C filter :

Our hand held shower head is equipped with lemon balm, which could effectively remove sweat aroma, improve hair loss,dry scalp,remove itching and dandruff. The soothing citrus scent revitalizes the senses, relieves stress and improves mood and sleep quality.

  • High pressure Flow:

The pressure shower head with 192 nozzles and jetting modes which makes the water pressure to 2.5GPM, which could make you immerse in a stable, powerful body shower,effectively remove fatigue,bring the luxury Spa shower experience.

  • Multi Filtration System:

Our ionic shower head could remove chlorine, fluorine, chloramine, ammonia odor, sulfur, sediment to improve the PH and it could soften water by filtering up to 99.9% of lead, chromium, rust, iron and heavy metals, make your skin dry and hair loose.

  • Easy to Install:

It is Detachable and Adjustable, Connected to any standard shower arm just in a few minutes without any tools. Suitable for any standard shower, including wall-amount, dual spray, combo, fixed, rain-falling and hand held shower.

  • Package Includes:

Shower head*1, shower Hose *1,Shower Arm, Lifetime warranty and free replacement service provided by ASPIOR

  • Aqua PurePro Anti Hair Fall Shower filters
    1. Magnetic wave
    2. Energized shower feel
    3. With 6 filtration media
    4. 1/2″ male & female in/outlet
    5. Various color or clear case

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